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Steps to move Prof. Suni from one to server to another server
1 Backup the Apertyx\ProfSuni and all subfolders.
2 Get all the software registration codes (jot these down)
• Login to ProfSuni on the current server machine and jot down its registration code.
• Go to Tools – Advanced Options- Reregister Application
• The license numbers will be displayed.
3 Unshare the current ProfSuni location
4 Copy all the folders and subfolders for ProfSuni as it is.
5 Reshare the ProfSuni files from the new server location.
6 Provide full read/write security to all users.
7 Reallocate or reregister the registration code for the new server location.
8 Change the path for the ProfSuni shortcut to everyone’s computer to the new ProfSuni server location.
• on a win 7 machine – you will need to right click on the shortcut go to properties then click the advance button and set it to run as administrator.
* Also, you will have to go into ProfSuni, enter 1 of the registratration codes. Then to Tool-Advance Options-Reregister Application and make sure all the registration codes are still in the ProfSuni system.
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